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EPCO -- E. Parrella Company, Inc.

Made in the U.S.A.
Still family-owned and operated, EPCO continues its heritage of manufacturing at its plant and warehouse in Medway, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Mission: Quality, Precision, Style, and Innovation
Since the development of repairing and refinishing of bowling balls in 1952 by its founder, Emilio Parrella, EPCO has become the world's leading manufacturer of Candlepin, Duckpin, and 5-pin bowling balls.

Billiard/Pool Balls
Through continued emphasis on quality, precision, style, and innovation, EPCO is rapidly being recognized as a leader in the manufacture of Billiard/Pool balls. Such innovative developments as marbleized, pearlescent, sparkle, glo-in-the-dark Billiard/Pool ball continues EPCO's mission of providing quality and innovation to its customer in the Billiard/Pool Industry.

Small Ball Bowling
Beginning with the Paramount brand in 1960, EPCO has pioneered small ball bowling through constant and innovative product development. New products for bowling such as Scorpion Pro Rubber, Viper Pro Rubber, and Twister Pro Rubber, Starline, EPCO Reactive, and Glo Bowling balls, have earned EPCO the distinction of being the "Leader."

Serving the Bowling Industry throughout the world of "small ball bowling," EPCO custom manufactures various types of bowling balls such as Keggling/Skittle balls.

Tournament Bocce Sets
Continuing its mission, EPCO also manufactures Tournament Bocce sets, in both standard colors and "Glo-in-the-dark" colors. Manufactured from Partek composition resin, specifically designed for durability and excellence in this increasingly popular game.

Shift Knobs
Serving industries far and wide, including the automotive industry for both OEM and after-market application, EPCO manufactures a large variety of shift knobs. Serving auto and hot rod enthusiasts, everywhere, EPCO produces a style for almost everyone.

Specialty Applications
Specialty applications from industrial and commercial to computers, pumps, novelties, premium, and promotional needs to... EPCO is there!

Custom manufacturing of balls ranging in size from 1 3/8" to 8 1/2" diameter, and sheet and rod material in a variety of dimensions and thickness. In styles such as marbleized, glo, solid opaque, transparent, clear, sparkle, and pearl, EPCO offers products for applications numbering in the thousands.

EPCO's mission of quality, precision, and style is further emphasized by its commitment to service. Custom manufacturing capabilities give EPCO great versatility in producing products from and of the categories mentioned to meet our customers' needs.

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